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Our years of experience in explainer videos makes customers happy! Our more than 700 customers include small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as international brands such as adidas, MAN, L’Oréal, American Express and Siemens. 100% of our customers are satisfied, and 96% are even delighted!  

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What our customers say...

UNIQA International

"Collaboration with explain-it was a positive experience."
Gabriela Rusu, Head of Strategic Marketing

Bosch Security Systems

"A motivated and creative team that is very professional and reliable!"
Isabel Martinez-Serrano, Marketing Specialist

More customer testimonials

"We assumed from the start that the product would be good. We were nevertheless positively amazed by the professional project management, including communication and adherence to deadlines. Respect!"
Alain Martinet, Head of Customer Services, webstyle GmbH

"explain-it explanatory videos enable us to create transparency with demanding products and processes in a friendly manner, which is a prerequisite for customer confidence. Needless to say, I was also pleased with all the positive feedback, especially from customer services – they would like more films of this sort!"
Stefan Kappeler, Head of Marketing Private Banking, Luzerner Kantonalbank AG

"The collaboration with explain-it went well in every respect and a great deal of flexibility was shown in taking all our wishes into consideration. The professionalism and creativity of the team are fantastic. The films were much appreciated by our employees and help us to communicate a clear understanding of our work and the associated processes."
Katarina Puur, Project Manager and Communication Lead, Roche Pharma AG

"You did some really great work with your team and turned our wishes into reality in the best possible way! Any mistakes on our part were rectified without any fuss - this is a particular strength of yours, as well as your scientific approach, your understanding and of course the drawing skills of your illustrators. I am now an enthusiastic member of the fan club for explain-it videos!"
Dr. Eric Wyss, Managing Director Verein GLOBE Schweiz

"The way you can explain a business strategy in under three minutes is just great!" 
Thomas Jeiziner, Head of Marketing, Communication & Fundraising, Spitex Zürich Limmat AG

"We receive very good feedback on our film from all sides. The project management was precise and flawless. Once again, a big thank you goes to the whole team for a fantastic collaborative effort, real commitment and, above all, an outstanding result!"
Christine Weyrich, Project Manager and Regional Coordination, Siemens Stiftung

"Our collaboration with explain-it, and above all the result, made a great impression! It was fun working with such a professional team and we are already looking forward to possible follow-up projects."
Christian Rasche, European Design Machine & Marketing Tool Manager, Coca Cola Europe

"The people make all the difference. The explain-it team works with a very good mix of structure and creativity. The "10 golden rules" mean that the customer is taken by the hand, actively accompanied through the process and coached. The team in charge of our project took a great deal of time to understand our individual wishes and challenges in detail and worked with us to find solutions."
Alexander Mohr, CEO Joseph's Toiletries

"The developers were well prepared for the briefing and asked the sort of questions that made us feel understood. The project ran smoothly and minimised our workload. Requested corrections were discussed critically, adapted and implemented promptly and the project manager was always in the picture. The end result is a film that communicates our message in an entertaining and understandable way. We would be happy to recommend explain-it to anyone."
Caroline Hanselmann, Head of Marketing/Sales Switzerland, Bio-Strath AG

"explain-it helps us to convey complex matters relating to products and services in an easy-to-understand way [to our customers and not least to our 3,000 field staff]. The pared-down presentation is intrinsic to the concept and is already helping to limit consultation with departments to the essentials."
Markus Kühner, Product Sales and Marketing Director, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

"Thanks to expert advice with regard to use of colour, format and so on, as well as professional time management, our Airlock video was produced in time for the Cebit trade fair. Customer service is a high priority at explain-it and our requested adaptations were swiftly incorporated. Many thanks also for being so obliging during the finishing touches - it was nice working with you!"
Gernot Bekk-Huber, Product Marketing Manager, Ergon Informatik AG