We are experts at explanation.

We are explain-it – 55 explanation experts in Munich and Zurich. We are conceptual design professionals, online specialists, motion designers or crack illustrators. Our common bond is the belief that learning should be fun and knowledge is precious – for people and enterprises.

The people behind explain-it


Our team of consultants will do everything in their power to find you exactly the right product, making sure that it enthuses you and suits your company. Don't hesitate to phone or email us: our colleagues are always here for you and will be happy to give you advice on our range of explanatory films and video-based training courses.

Conceptual design

You cannot explain things in plain language until you fully understand them, so our conceptual design team immerse themselves in your subject to get to the heart of it. They produce a spoken text and visualisation ideas to depict your subject in a way that will appeal to the target group, be easy to understand and have the necessary touch of humour.


A picture says more than a thousand words. Our illustrators take out their pens every day to produce these pictures, thus creating a basis for our motion designers.


Our motion designers breathe life into the pixels and ensure that your project gathers pace.


Quizzes, learning paths and response elements – our interactive team turns our explanatory videos into interactive learning units and creates video based trainings.


The heart of a brand only beats if it reflects the people behind it. This cardiac treatment is fine-tuned by our colleagues in the marketing department. And the marketing team will keep you up to date on all the latest news from our company along the way, allowing you to feel the heartbeat too.

More team members!

To ensure that explanatory film production runs smoothly, there are more helpers pulling the strings at explain-it, all the way from project management to our back office. And our managing directors and founders, Friedl and Patrick, are already thinking about the day after tomorrow, chasing from one meeting to the next. In short, they are extremely busy, which is why they are also supported by our directors' assistant.

Working at explain-it – rather more than just a job!

Not only are our customers inspired by explain-it, but so are we as a team! This is especially important to us because we believe that anyone who wants to achieve excellence and enthuse their customers needs to have the right environment and take pleasure in their work! Apart from a friendly, open-minded team-based approach, our lovely office with two roof terraces also makes a not insignificant contribution to the working atmosphere. And that's not all. Here is a brief summary of the benefits that each member of the explain-it team enjoys:

  • Lots of team events
  • Good coffee, juice and fruit every day, lunch provided by the firm twice a week
  • Reduced fitness studio membership fees
  • Company bicycles
  • And much more besides!

Our jobs