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Our mission

As experts at explanation, we claim to make the world a little bit simpler every day. We have found that understanding needs to be enjoyable, knowledge should fascinate and learning should be entertaining.

Who we are

As explanation experts we design and produce explainer videos and e-learning solutions. We are noted for reliable project management, transparent pricing and the highest standards of quality – or so say 94% of our customers, who are not just satisfied but delighted with their collaboration with explain-it, every day. With over 50 permanent staff in two locations and having produced more than 3,000 explanatory films, we are one of the leading providers of explanatory videos in German-speaking countries. Our more than 700 explain-it customers include small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as big-name brands such as Allianz, Bosch, Coca Cola, L’Oréal, Samsung and Siemens.

Why explain-it?

We are the experts in explanation – as you will see for yourself. Tell us what subject needs explaining and we will take care of everything for you, from fact-based content preparation, through production to professional project management – we hope to inspire you all the way.
Our sunshine guarantee
We know that you don't produce an explanatory film every day. This is why we provide our sunshine guarantee to save you from worrying about any minor issues with your explanatory video. Examples include:
  • Your video is your video – which is why it comes without an explain-it trademark.
  • You can request your video in any file format – and, needless to say, in Full HD.
  • We only work with native speakers if the language has to be adapted.
Obligatory project management
Your explainer video is the product of the hearts and minds of numerous explanation experts. We want you to sit back and relax, so not only do we guarantee structured and reliable project management, but also a fixed point of contact throughout the whole process to make sure that you get one thing only: the perfect outcome on the agreed date!
100% of customers satisfied (2017)

We are particularly proud of the fact that 100% of our customers are satisfied by their collaboration with us and 94% are even delighted (2017). Our more than 700 explain-it customers include start-ups, small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as groups such as Allianz, Bosch, Coca Cola, L’Oréal, Samsung and Siemens.

Our locations

As well as our headquarters in Munich, we have another office in Zürich. Feel free to call in at any time!

Munich office: St.-Martin-Str. 57, 81669 Munich 
Zürich office: Badenerstr. 565 b, 8048 Zürich

How it all started...

It all began on the first day at school when we – Patrick and Friedl, the founders of explain-it – met each other. No sooner were our school-leaving certificates in the bag than we turned our passion – film-making – into a career by setting up Triple F GmbH in 2007 as a film production company for advertising, image and cinema spots. The turning point came in 2011, when a customer – WÜRTH, aka the "Screw King" – wanted to explain something complicated in a film. We looked for the best method of doing so, and the result was the first explanatory film in cutout animation (still our explain-it handmade today).  We managed to impress WÜRTH and it snowballed from there: we actually had a product that solved problems for many organisations. DAX companies were suddenly ringing us up wanting an explanatory video – wow! And scarcely had one department taken delivery of a video than the next was waiting in the wings. At least, one thing was clear to us: we would focus all our efforts on explanation – and Triple F became explain-it GmbH. The cutout animation of the early days was soon joined by new products. Throughout all this, one thing was just as important to us as the product: to build a team of fantastic people we enjoy working with – and so the eight people in 2011 grew to ten, then twenty, and now over fifty explanation experts. And not just in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland.  A lot of time has passed since that first day at school and we have learnt a lot, mainly outside school: namely, that anyone who pursues their passion, has a bit of courage and enjoys what they do has the ability to inspire others to come on board. And this is not the only reason we have a clear mission today: we want to make sure that understanding, learning and knowledge are enjoyable!