Nexeda - Linkando

Dieses explain-it handmade erklärt die Plattform linkando, die Volunteers und Organisationen dabei hilft, Projekte zu finden und sich zu vernetzen.

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  • Online Plattform
Our world is in change: crisis, global warming and migration call for sustainable solutions. The necessary knowledge is already available. But it is either hidden away in silos or spread all over the world over many disconnected places. That is why many people feel lost: They want to volunteer, but don’t know how. The steps of a societal project often happen on different platforms, which makes it complicated to find partners and real-ze ideas. That is true for individuals, but also for corporations or NGOs. This is where the social impact network linkando comes into play: We enable our users to LINK and DO! We connect people and enable collective impact – for any form of social volunteer work. Whether local or global – from neighbourhood help, to reducing youth unemployment, to disaster management: Linkando helps everyone achieve their goal – all on one platform. And this is how it works: Everything begins in our market place – the Touchbase. Here you can publish projects and find colleagues or work out a project within the community. You can see immediately what topics the users are interested in, and what knowledge and skills they bring to the table.
So, you’ve found your project and your colleagues? Perfect! Let’s go to the Collaboration Room. This is where all members work in one place. You can chat with your partners and plan tasks. Together, you generate collective knowledge.
All your experiences are saved in the Knowledge Hub. Every user can see the knowledge available in the community. This reduces transactional efforts, especially in organizations with complex structures. The Impact Pilot shows where you are in your project. Thanks to a variety of analytical tools you can keep track of everything and scale your social impact. Additionally, linkando can be optimized to your individual needs: Corporations can set up the network specifically for their employees, NGOs and individuals can reach like-minded persons worldwide. Most importantly, your privacy is ensured. Our servers are located in Germany and meet high security standards. Linkando provides a home for everyone looking to volunteer or share knowledge. We combine every-thing in one place: From community building, over knowledge generation to project realization. We overcome the boundaries of geographical, political and organizational silos, support efficient and interdisciplinary work and promote innovations.
Linkando is the new social impact network – Be part of it!